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Ziggy Stardust - Epoxy Additive

Ziggy Stardust - Epoxy Additive

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  • Size: Ultra fine powder 0.004
  • Material: Non-Toxic Polyester (PET)
  • Category: Silver, Holographic 


Glitter is sold in half ounce increments

Glitter is packaged in jars by weight.  



*Sellers Disclaimer*

 We make every effort to present the true color of the product. However, color may vary depending on the material, camera used, and/or the device used to view the product. 

The buyer assumes responsibility for the product once purchased. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process the seller cannot ensure zero cross-contamination. Products are manufacture in a factory with other product lines and there is occasional cross-contamination. The buyer is response to ensure that their product is free of any random particles prior to use. It is suggested that the buyer inspects the product upon transferring from the bag to permanent storage container. 

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